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Our corporate strategy

In 2021 we published a new three-year strategy, setting out our priorities and plans for the coming years.

Approved by our board, and directly linked to achieving our vision and purpose, our strategy has five key objectives which put people, places and our planet at the heart of what we do.

How we perform in achieving our objectives is regularly reported on and monitored by our board members. We will also keep residents informed on how we are performing in our annual reports and ‘vital statistics’ performance reports.

Our five key objectives

We have published five key objectives. These explain, in detail, what we aim to achieve in the coming years. Beneath each objective are our main priorities, things that we know are important to us and our customers.

This means

  • Offering support services to customers where they can have a positive impact and are affordable.
  • Preventing and responding to homelessness and working with tenants to secure their tenancies.
  • Having a happy culture that naturally drives towards learning and high performance, 'growing our own' through training and development.
  • Championing diversity in tenant involvement, governance and at all levels within Connect.

This means

  • Growing our offer of truly affordable and sustainable homes within the context of prioritising investment in existing housing.
  • Providing purpose-built support housing for those people most in need of it.
  • Making the safety and condition of our homes a priority.
  • Using active asset management to achieve a sustainable portfolio of good homes.

This means

  • Helping to build the strength and capability of communities through forging positive relationships.
  • Encouraging civic participation from a diverse range of tenants so that the 'tenant's voice' shapes strategy and the design of services.
  • Being well connected and working in partnerships to achieve maximum impact.
  • Influencing positive change in the sector.

This means

  • Doing the basics brilliantly, reducing customer effort and enabling clear, transparent communication.
  • Making the most effective use of resources and delivering a positive experience for everybody involved with Connect through efficient processes and the good use of technology.
  • Making evidence-based decisions and judgements to help anticipate demand, minimise waste and control costs.
  • Maintaining viability and maximising opportunities to invest back into communities through strong, accountable governance delivered by a skilled board.

This means

  • Having a road-map and business plan for net zero-carbon homes by 2050.
  • Understanding our carbon footprint and assessing all decisions against our net-zero ambitions.
  • Working towards net-zero Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions across the business by 2025.
  • Embedding more environmentally sustainable ways of delivering services.

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