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 Wednesday, 19 June 2019

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Gas hob


Actions to take if you smell gas:

  • DO not smoke, use naked flames or electrical switches
  • Do not use electrical switches.
  • Turn off the gas supply at the mains with the gas emergency control valve. In older houses they tend to be near the meter box. In newer properties they will be beside the gas meter situated outside.
  • Ventilate the property by opening doors and windows.

To report a gas or carbon monoxide emergency call the National Gas Emergency Service 24 hours a day on 0800 111 999.


Annual gas appliance servicing – Why is it so important? To ensure your safety!

We must service your gas fires and boilers every 12 months to make sure that they are safe to use and working as efficiently as possible to save on your fuel bills.

If gas appliances are not working properly, they can emit carbon monoxide which, at best, can make you feel ill (headaches, drowsiness) and at worst can be deadly. You cannot see, smell or taste carbon monoxide. 

The service takes no longer than 45 minutes. If you have pre-payment, you will need sufficient credit on gas and electricity meters for the gas service to be carried out.

Every year we struggle to be allowed in to some properties to service appliances. Such is the importance of this, that if you do not respond to our calls and letters we will take court action to give us access and charge you for our costs.

Our engineers will check all gas appliances in your home (including, for example, a gas cooker, if you have one).  If any appliance is found to be unsafe, it will be disconnected from the supply, and a legal warning notice attached.  If the appliance belongs to you, it is your responsibility to have it repaired or replaced at your own expense.

Please make every attempt to help us carry out the test.

Our gas contractors, Sure Group, will contact you when the service is due. To book a service, please call Connect on 0300 5000 600.

Sure Group will provide you with a gas safety certificate which will contain details of any defect identified and any remedial action taken at that time.

Do not reconnect an appliance that you have been told is unsafe, or which has either been isolated or disconnected for safety reasons.





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