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 Wednesday, 19 June 2019
Renting a Home

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1.  Statutory Homeless (move back to the top)
Registered as homeless by the Local Authority as defined by the Housing Act 1996 700
2.  Other Homeless (move back to the top) 200
3.  Forced to move (move back to the top) Points
Occupation of the home would put the applicant at risk of violence or harassment 100
Families with children living separately because of lack of suitable housing 50
Sexual abuse 100
4.  People without a permanent home of their own (move back to the top) Points
Defined as follows:
Hostels/Refuge residents 100
Residents of hospitals/prisons/institutions 50
People living in bed and breakfast 100
Those living with friends/family or carers who are reasonably required to leave 100
Lodgers 100
Service Tenants (e.g. tied accommodation) 100



5.  Families living seprately (move back to the top)
Applicants who could reasonably be expected to live together:                                
Families with a dependant relative 15
Couples without children or dependants 15
Single parent with custody - minimum four nights 20



6.  Overcrowding (move back to the top)         
A separate bedroom is needed for:
Each couple living together 20
Parent in single parent family 20
Each child of 10+ years who would otherwise have to share with a child of opposite sex OR where there is an age difference of more than five years 20
No more than two people of any age should share a room 20
For each additional bedroom required 20



7.  Under-occupation (move back to the top)         
For each surplus bedroom (owner occupiers) 5
For Local Authority or Housing Association tenants where a move from under-occupied housing free up family accommodation or specially adapted housing 5



8.  People living in flats (move back to the top)      
Families with children under 10 years living above ground floor                                   15
Elderly persons living above ground floor 5



9.  Lacking (or sharing) basic amenities (move back to the top)  
Lacking a separate living room (or sharing) * 10 (10)
Lacking kitchen facilities (or sharing) 20 (10)
Lacking a bath/shower room and WC (or sharing) 20 (10)
Lacking an inside WC (or sharing) 20 (10)
Lacking permanent hot water 10
Lacking adequate and permanent heating 10

Points for sharing in brackets
All points double if children are involved                                                    



10.  Poor housing conditions (move back to the top)                                 
The house needs substantial repairs 30
The house has been declared unfit 50



11.  Medical/health considerations (move back to the top)                                   30



12.  Social/Practical needs (move back to the top)
To be nearer family or friends 120
To be nearer the community to receive or give support to/from relatives                 15
To be nearer employment 5
Neighbour Nuisance 15



13.  Sundry (move back to the top)
Other problems relating to the existing situation, which could be helped by re-housing:
Strained relationships between families/relatives 25
Stress affecting the mental health of the applicant 25
Pregnancy 25
Internal Transfer 500

Any of these circumstances that apply will count towards the points awarded. A number of our vacancies have to be offered to people who are nominated by the Local Authority, therefore it is advisable to register with them.


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