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 Saturday, 28 March 2015
Jobs & Careers at Connect

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Jobs & Careers Home


You have opened the door to careers at Connect Housing. Welcome.


Presumably you're looking for a great job, and we're always looking for great talent. This is where you can find the information you need to decide if we have the right opportunity for you and if being part of Connect Housing is something you'd like to do.


We have many different types of job and varying career development paths within them. This is where you can find out more. So come along inside and have a look around - we are sure you will like what you see.


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Just follow this link to| see what job vacancies we have at the moment. You can also find some really useful information about the different ways there are to apply for jobs with us. Don't worry if there are no jobs listed on the vacancies page - it just means we are not recruiting just now - but do keep coming back to see if anything has changed!



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Life at Connect and our people|

Follow this link to| read about how we do things and what our people really think! We are continually striving to find better ways to engage with our people and take a lot of trouble to find out what they think. We have just completed our third employee engagement survey and had a great 72% return rate and we'll be talking about what messages come out of that later in the year.



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Learning and development|

Follow this link to| find out about our supportive approach to personal and career development, training and performance management. We take every effort to provide relevant learning when and where it is needed. We have our own training rooms, e-learning facilities and lots of ideas about making learning enjoyable and effective.

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Employee Benefits|

Follow this link to| find out more about our fantastic Total Reward benefits. For a small employer we don't think we do bad. From flexible working, supportive family options to health related benefits we don't just pay a fair salary - we Totally Reward you! 



Other Jobs and Training Help|

If you are a tenant of Connect you can use our Money Matters service that can help people get into work. Please ring 0300 5000 600 and ask to speak to the Money Matters Team for an appointment.









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